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The galaxy has become a warzone and the solar system of Uni has become a major point of interest. Choose one of four factions and battle for control over essential resources available on Uni's ten planets. Work your way up the ranks to earn more control over your faction's strategic endeavors. Become the General and capture Uni's ten planets to lead your faction to victory. Visit BrandonSwift.com/Uni for more!

Uni's unique gameplay creates fun challenges through two different game modes. Fight in a battle of wits against enemy factions by carefully managing your faction's regions, then face off against opponents with four unique ships and 360 ship movement. Attack, spy, rally, and create alliances in Uni's turn based strategy element. Blast away at enemy ships with special upgrades and enhancements with real-time 3D shooter gameplay. Become the General and simulate the real-time battles if your fingers get too tired.

No "New Game" is the same! Each AI has randomly generated stats that adjust how often they attack, spy, build, upgrade, and much more. Battle at night or during the day in uniquely designed 3D worlds with varying weather patterns. Face off in real-time battles with AI opponents that "think" before deciding where to move and when to shoot. Conquer Uni and unlock the Modding menu from which you can adjust the stats of ships, habits of opponents, and other elements of game play to make Uni an entirely different game!

Explore the mind of Brandon Swift as you battle on ten unique planets. Each level is a new experience with different textures, particle effects, and weather. Transition through game modes with seven dynamic cut scenes. Lose yourself in the game with exhilarating background music and sound effects. Design your character by choosing a gender, skin tone, and face. You are sure to get lost in Uni's slightly cartoonish style.


Uni3SingleApp.apk 32 MB

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